Do rich people deal with the DMV?

Just had a not-so-steller experience at the DMV. And yes, I do realize it’s one of the longest running jokes in our cuture’s time, but I just wonder if this is something that people like me have to deal with – or if rich people also have to go through this experience. Now – most of the time I would say – don’t go to the DMV, renew your registration online. But this was a particular situation where my presence was needed for an emissions test. And I do take some of the blame, because I didn’t have the proper paperwork. But here is what that conversation went like…

DMV guy: Renewal notice?

Me: Oh, I don’t have the actual form, but I have the renewal notice number needed.

DMV guy: Really? Let me see.

Me (pulling out paper with number on it): Here. See?

DMV guy: That’s not the number we need.

Me: Well, what number do you need.

DMV guy: Your VIN number.

Me (which by the way, I’m sitting in my car just so you get the irony of this situation): Umm, it’s listed right on my car.

DMV guy: Well you don’t have it, and there are about eight cars behind you that do have it. You need the proper form, go in the office, move it along.

Me (jaw hung open): Wow. Thanks for your help.

ARGH. So needless to say after about another hour I finally got what I was looking for. But I still wonder if there are services for rich people. Like – is there a pamphlet that the DMV sends you after you reach a certain tax bracket that says, “Welcome to the good life, you’ll know be entitled to a pleasurable experience with the DMV – Let us know how we can make your life better.”

I bet there is.  Maybe if I knew any rich people I could ask them. Or I can just wait till I reach that tax bracket…which will be a VERY long time.

Anyways. Rant done. Feeling better.

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