Becoming a better blogger

So I was reading through a great post on 40 Ways to Take Your Agency’s Blog to the Next Level and realized that I really need to learn a thing or two about blogging. At first it was just a way to tell a story about being an agency underdog. But now it’s more. I want it to be a source of inspiration for all those in my position, and to do so I really need to work on the content.

So here are my takeaways from the aforementioned list…

1. Build a community that keeps coming back for helpful, relevant content.

2. Post consistently but don’t post just to post (guilty of this. Will try harder in the future).

3. Allow your blog to become the “gateway” to your agency (As I don’t have a website yet, this will have to wait, but it works for those with agency blogs).

4. People read differently online so write for “scan-ability” (so true, and I need to start employing this technique better).

There is a lot more in the article and there are numerous articles so here are just a few more that work well for those getting started with agency blogs or blogs about agencies (myself included)…

• 40 Ways to Take Your Agency’s Blog to the Next Level(mentioned above)

• Ad Agencies: 8 Ingredients for Blog Post Success

• Agency Resources for Blogging and Social Media

And this one I especially liked but it’s not just for agency-related blogs…

• How to get traffic for your blog – Seth Godin

So here’s to not having a boring blog from this point on. I’ll write about frogs or jelly beans if that’s what the audience dictates. Stay tuned for bigger and better.

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