Why I want to work for copyblogger…

Today I found myself reading article after article (or post after post) on www.copyblogger.com. I can’t help it. If you’ve ever read their articles then you know that it just feels like you’re having a conversation with that really good friend that just “gets you.” Well that’s how I feel.  And I want to write like that. In the words of Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, “I want to go to there.” I do. I want to be one of the elite copyblogger writers.

Just now I stumbled upon one of the more-popular articles 7 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing. Let’s get past that the fact that the quote came from Harsh Reality #1: No one reads your blog (cause that’s EXACTLY what I think…right now) and get into what truly sums up how I feel about blogging in general…

The world is not waiting breathlessly to hear what you have to say about losing weight with acai berries, making big money as an affiliate marketer, or how to join your Secrets of the Breakthrough Millionaire Insider Guru Mastermind Platinum Club.

Agreed. Do I think my blog falls within that not-so-great club? Nah. But it’s a wake-up call. Either deliver great content every time, or be shunned by those that think you’re out to get them. Well, right now I’m not out to get anyone. Because at the moment, I don’t have anything to sell. But hey, if you’d like me to do some copywriting for you or your business, I’d be more than glad to. AND I’ll even include my email address below. Pretty crazy huh? Yeah, that’s just me putting myself out there.

Big Picture
Per usual I’ve got a long way to go. But on the plus side, my rates are REAL cheap because I’m still an Agency Underdog. So get in on the ground floor and Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

…am I giving off that creepy car salesman vibe yet? Well I just wanted to show you what I won’t be doing in the future.

Keep reading the good stuff. I’ll keep writing the great stuff.

Brian – feel free to offer me a job. I’m always looking.

(e) agencyunderdog@hotmail.com

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  1. Submit a guest post. Always looking for talented new writers, but that’s the first step. 😉

  2. Will do!

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