Apple iPad is here!

Yes it’s here! And now for a quick run-down on my thoughts.

1. It looks fun.
2. It starts with an “i” so you know it’ll be very marketable.
3. It’s esentially a cross between an iPhone and a laptop.
4. It’s easy to use.
5. Steve Jobs likes it.

So am I gonna run out and buy one? You bet your a** I’m NOT going to. You heard me correctly. No. I’m not buying it. Have you been paying attention at all? I can’t just drop $600 (or more) dollars on that! What would I even use it for? I can’t put it in my purse (well, my smaller purses), and I could barely afford the laptop I have now. So you think I would run out and get a more expensive yet smaller version of a laptop? Well I just don’t have that luxury.  I’m betting most of you don’t either. I mean, really, why would you be reading this blog if you could afford something like that.

To those that can afford an iPad and will bow at Steve Jobs’ feet  for making a product that I can’t afford for another 4 years – congratulations. Well done on being able to buy fancy things. I hope it improves your life exponentially. I hope it makes you smarter, funnier, more accessible and in 3D (sarcasm? what sarcasm?).

Big Picture
Good job Apple, you made yet another product that will be forever out of my reach. Hello cell phone that my parents still pay for (No I’m not 13. I’m just smart).

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