Industry Guru…stuff

If you don’t know this yet, you should be aware that I despise people who claim to be “gurus” related to anything in an agency. Social Media Guru? Don’t care. Mobile Guru? Sure. SEM Guru?  You lost me at hello.

So why then did I title this “Industry Guru?” Because it’s more fun than saying, “Hey here are some cool industry updates that I think you should know about”…and truth be told, it optimizes nicely. But seriously  – here are some cool industry updates. Take em or leave em.

1.  Social Media etiquette. It’s about time people learned to use some manners on Facebook. Sheesh!

2.  Speak of the devil! It would have been just as well if they used “Social Media Guru” in this title vs. Social Media Expert. I might have to get into a little analysis on this later. Trust me I have some experience dealing with these so-called experts.

3.  This is amazing. Everything Stephen Colbert touches turns to gold. Not that I really care that much about speed skating. But I can’t wait to see what he’ll endorse next. Remember when he tried to run for President?

4.  When you work for an ad agency you get a feel for what clients need and what they really need. Across the board I can say with 100% confidence that everyone REALLY needs to embrace SEO. So I can’t help but pass on articles that try to let others know that it’s NOT that scary or hard! Really!

That’s it for updates. More breaking news to come, though. The economy strikes again. Oy vey!

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